Hello, my name is Andrea Martinez, live in the city of Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I discovered the cold porcelain in July 2001, I started taking an introductory course in which I realized I had a skill for working with this material.

During the 2002 study modeling techniques, which broadened my creative possibilities, and I got a special motivation to continue working with cold porcelain.

About my work:

All works published on this site are made by my own hands.

In 2003, motivated by several people, I began to venture on my own in duplicate “infantile personages” of television and film,
using techniques learned and inventive own getting excellent results, these models are also published on this site.

Since 2003, I decided to teach my knowledge to people who care about the cold porcelain, treating them to provide all my effort and knowledge to them, this material continues to amaze me with each new design escaping from my hands.

For issues of family, the birth of my beautiful children, I decided to dedicate myself to them and defer courses, offering training and steps to steps online.

Andrea Martinez

© Copyright Andrea Martinez – Arte en Porcelana Fria